Car service station on Sadovaya 

Products, services: 
Auto parts in Lviv for cars. 
Wide range of spare parts available and under the order. 
Original auto parts and their quality substitutes. 
• Balancing, tire mounting, vulcanization 
• Replacement of engine oil, incl. vacuum, check point automatic transmission, etc. 
• Replacing the brake pads 
• Recreation room for clients 
• Complex sink 
• Computer diagnostics by Bosch. 
• Selection of auto parts, delivery 
• Checking tire pressure, pumping 
• Hunter-toe collapse. 
• Repair of gasoline engine 
• Diesel engine repair 
• Repair of the brake system 
• Undercarriage repair 
• Repair of electrical equipment 
• Insurance 
• Test Drive 
• Car audio installation 
• Installation of sensors 
• Installation of alarms 
• Dry cleaning of salons 
• Auto parts 
• Diagnosis of geometry 
• Engine diagnostics 
• Running diagnostics 
• Replacement of technical fluids 
• Replacing the spark plugs 
• Replacement of glow plugs 
• Replacement of timing belt (gasoline and diesel) 
• Replacement of vaccination 
• Replacing filters 
• Engine overhaul (gasoline and diesel) 
• IT plans 
• After-sales service 
• Pre-sales car preparation 
• Laser disc leakage 
• Headlight adjustment 
• Welding work 
• Locksmith work 
• Towing service