BMW F series unit upgrade with E-sys


BMW F series unit upgrade with E-sys

We recommend that you pay attention to the zeitkriterium before updating. If you have thrown options in the car, it is desirable to remove them before updating and return to the mode of the original year of release, which saves zeitkriterium. If you forgot the year of issue - zeitkriterium options are not many: 07YY, 11YY, 03YY. Otherwise there will be many conflicts and mistakes.


Let's update the following blocks:

  • HU_CIC
  • VAN
  • ZGW


The steps to update the other ECUs should be the same as these four. Just be sure to identify the dependencies and choose the appropriate choice in step 15 of the procedure below. When flashing includes ZGW, the ZGW module must be updated BEFORE other modules. This should be taken care of by the TAL (transaction list) created by E-Sys. But if you want, you can flash ZGW on its own and then restart and do the rest. The steps remain the same. Firmware of all modules at the same time is as simple as flashing individual modules. Just select all the modules in step 15 (still the blFlash, swDeploy, cdDeploy and ibaDeploy columns).



Update of the ECU on the BMW F11 520d




















So, let's start the update:

1. Connect an external charger (at least 50 Amps, preferably 70 Amps) to the car battery. Connect the laptop to the power supply.

2. Turn the lantern switch to the parking light position - this will turn on the ignition for more than 20 minutes.

3. Connect via "Connect via gateway URL".








4. Choose the Comfort mode - TAL calculation:




5. Read and save FA:




6. Activate FA:



7. Read and save SVT Actual as "SVT_ist":



8. Create a goal SVT.


A. Choose Full Flash:



B. Choose I-Step (shipm.) To match the I-Step level of vehicle delivery.


i. Select the VCM Expert mode button:



ii. In the lower right window, select the "Master" tab:



iii In the I-Steps window, click the "Read" button:


iv. The fields of the integration steps above will be filled with data. Write down IStep (Submission):



C. I-Step (target.) Cannot be selected because it is fixed based on the current I-Level PSdZData level. Select the appropriate level in I-Step (shipm.), As obtained in step above:



D. Calculate the target KIS / SVT and save as "SVT_soll":





E. Perform TAL calculations and save as "SVT_tal".




9. We pass to an expert mode - TAL-processing.



10. Download the TAL (SVT_tal) created in step 8.e:



11. Download the SVT target ("SVT_soll") created in step 8.d:



12. Click the "Read FA" button:


The FA_aus_VCM.xml file appears:



13. Set the switch to "read VIN with FA" and press the button "Read VIN":



14. On the ECU tab, uncheck the box to allow the top row in the "All" column (all checked boxes must be unchecked):



15. In the base line of the identifier for HU_CIC, CMB_MEDIA, KOMBI and ZGW check the columns blFlash, swDeploy, cdDeploy and ibaDeploy:



16. Click "Check for software" (this, among other things, ensures that you have the correct PSdZdata data and their FULL version):




17. Click "Start" to continue processing TAL for flashing Kombi with new firmware:



18. Cross your fingers, see how it works:



Possible problems


After the firmware, the airbags can be deactivated, but there is a solution.


We can pass the test block in the Rhine and activate them: