Air flow meter G70 Audi A6 C5 2.7 Twin Turbo Hitachi


Air flow meter G70 Audi A6 C5 2.7 Twin Turbo Hitachi

G70 Air flow meter Hitachi HTC AFH70-25C for Audi A6 C5 readings and possible problems


Raw code: 0102
Status: Temporary
OBDII: Low air flow meter
Audi: Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Circuit Low Frequency


When connecting the diagnostics, we see the readings on the stopped engine


Then start the engine and look at the shows

We have 0.17 g / s instead at idle the V6 engine consumes about 5.0 g / s. Possible causes of the fault are a leaky intake manifold, in simple words from the flowmeter to the engine can be air suction through a torn pipe, broken clamp, crankcase valve, bypass valves, on turbocharged engines, signal wire from the flowmeter sensor and the engine control unit reasons, discrepancies in readings, may be hidden in a faulty flow meter.

Such small sensor readings may indicate a faulty flow meter, as this figure is almost 30 times smaller than normal. Standard contamination of the flow meter will not lead to such low data.

Remove the flow meter.


At once we notice malfunction, and is more exact, breakage of the gauge


Verdict: Replacement.

Indicators after replacement. Measurements were performed with the air conditioner and cooling fans on, so the figure is more than 5.5g / s.

Usually on a warm engine without a load, the values range from 3.3g / s to 4.7g / s.

To check the power and signal wires, refer to the G70 air flow meter connection diagram on the BES V6 2.7 Twin Turbo engine.

Good and easy repairs.