Sensor malfunctions. Toyota code errors


Sensor malfunctions. Toyota code errors


Failure of the first oxygen controller.



Code P0031 indicates problems with the lambda probe. The user should check the oxygen regulator located on the collector device.



Error P0051 indicates a malfunction of the oxygen regulator installed on the intake manifold. The cause of the problem may be damage to the wiring, short circuit or oxidation of the contacts. A detailed check of the power line and the quality of the on-board network connection is required.



Air pressure controller failure code. It is necessary to check the sensor itself, as well as its contact with the onboard system.



This OBD2 error code for Toyota 5A, Prado 90, E120 and other versions indicates a coolant temperature controller malfunction. It is necessary to check the operation of the sensor, in particular, its contacts with the wiring.



Error 0120 occurs in conditions of malfunction or failure of one of the sensors - the position of the throttle or accelerator pedal. If both devices fail, the power unit may malfunction: reduced traction, power failure, lack of response to pedal pressure. The reason may be a fault in the wiring through which the controller is connected.



Accelerator Pedal Position Controller Error Code. If the sensor is working, the reason may be problems with the throttle, because the operation of the unit is low.



The microprocessor module registered the reduced temperature of the refrigerant to control the system in a closed loop. The cause of the P0125 fault should be sought in the lambda probe or thermostat.



Malfunction of the first oxygen controller, diagnostics of its carrying out is also required.



The engine control module detects a low signal from the oxygen sensor output controller. This is the second device installed in the first bank of the engine.



Error P0156 on Toyota Mark II, X, Verso 14D and other versions reports a breakdown of the second lambda probe installed in the bank 2.



P0330 is associated with damage to the power supply of the second detonation sensor. If the device breaks, there are difficulties with starting the engine, sometimes the engine does not start at all. When driving at single speeds, the power unit will triple.



Code P0 500 (0500) appears due to a fault in the speed sensor. Speed mode information may not be displayed correctly on the speedometer, arrows may jump.

To resolve this issue, we recommend that you follow these steps:

  1. Check the integrity of the connectors on the sensor connection pad to the instrument panel. The contact may be gone and needs to be reconnected.
  2. Diagnose the integrity of the cable that connects the sensor to the instrument cluster.
  3. Check the quality of the controller connection to the transmission unit.
  4. Diagnose short circuit contacts.




Code 0505 appears when the idle speed sensor is decommissioned. With the appearance of this problem, the car's engine will operate unstable, possible spikes.



On Toyota 2006 and other years of production, this code indicates problems with the operation of the pressure sensor in the circuit of the vacuum brake booster. The device receives a signal that does not meet the standard values. The sensor itself will probably need to be replaced.



Solenoid valve malfunction in pressure control system.



The microprocessor module has detected problems with the speed control unit of the transmission unit. There may be damage to the wiring or incorrect resistance on the line, resulting in a short circuit. Sometimes the cause is a malfunction of the parking position controller.



Difference in the readings of the main and additional sensors of the gearshift mechanism.



Error controlling the position of the gearshift mechanism.



The combination is associated with malfunctions of the mass air flow sensor. You need to check the operation of the device and make sure that the controller is not clogged. If the sensor is clogged, it needs to be cleaned, you can use a special tool for carburetor engines.



Failure of the coolant temperature control sensor. It is recommended to check the quality of the device's contact with the wiring and the integrity of the power line.



Code 1121 appears due to a malfunction of the sensor mounted on the accelerator pedal. The position controller of the device sends the wrong signal from the microprocessor module. A detailed check of the regulator is required.



General malfunction of the throttle position sensor.



Failure of the upper level oxygen sensor with heating element.



The control unit cannot determine the oxygen regulator heater switch installed in the second unit.


P1250 Code 1250 on Toyota T22, T25 and other versions can be detected if there are two faults:

  • supercharger pressure controller malfunction, sensor parameters are not included in the range of normalized values;
  • problems in the operation of the drive control unit of the turbocharger.



The error code indicates a failure of the crankshaft position sensor, but the cause of the problem may be the jump of the timing belt to one or more teeth. You need to check the integrity of the strap and replace it if it is stretched.



Code P1346 (1346) reports a malfunction of the camshaft position controller. Failure of gas distribution phases is possible. Requires a detailed inspection of the sensor, as well as the wiring to which it is connected.



Code P1520 (1520) is related to a malfunction of the rear brake light switch, possible causes of failure:

  • damage to the wiring of the sensor or light bulbs installed in the brake lights;
  • failure of relays or safety devices of optical elements;
  • damage to the socket or contacts of the fuse;
  • malfunction of the sensor mounted on the brake pedal;
  • problems in the operation of the control unit.



Error code P2238 (2238) is related to a malfunction of the first oxygen controller of the engine. Diagnosis of the lambda probe connection is required, as the signal from the controller may be too low.



Code P2241 indicates a malfunction of the second lambda probe, located on the right.



Code P2714 indicates a malfunction of the solenoid valve in the automatic transmission. A detailed inspection of the box is required. We recommend starting the diagnosis with sensors.



Code P2716 appears due to an electrical fault in the pressure control valve "Magnet D".



Airbag controller failure or malfunction. It is recommended to diagnose all wires coming from the control unit. The cause of the problem may not be in the sensor, but in a bad contact or cable.



Code B1153 or 1153 appears when the seat position controller fails. The sensors located on the driver's and passenger's seats must be checked. The cause of the fault is usually a broken wire or a disconnected contact.



Code B1421 (1421) indicates a malfunction of the solar radiation controller installed by the front passenger.



Breakdown of the driver's side airbag malfunction controller.



Code 1811 indicates problems with the SRS security system. The fault may be caused by damage to the spiral cable or cushion sensor. We recommend a detailed diagnosis of all components of the security system, starting with the control module and controllers.



Breakage or damage to the power line of the right front seat belt pretensioner.



Exit the telescopic position regulator.



On Toyota Corolla AE, Yaris and other models, this diagnostic code appears if the key unlock switch breaks or malfunctions. The device is not in the activation state, and the ignition lock itself is in ON mode. You need to check the unlock switch, wiring integrity and key control unit.



Causes of code C0200:

  • malfunction of the left or right front engine speed controller;
  • damage to the wiring of the power regulator;
  • failure of the rotary mechanism of speed;
  • errors made during the installation of the sensor;
  • failure of the brake master cylinder control module (ABS).



Code C0205 is related to a malfunction of the front left engine speed sensor.



Code C0210 is generated due to a malfunction of the right rear wheel speed controller. Damage to the wiring or rotor mechanism of the device is possible. Sometimes the problem is due to incorrect installation of the controller and malfunction of the brake control unit.



Faults in the ABS sensor mounted on the rear left wheel.



Malfunctions of the brake fluid level controller. On the dashboard of the car at such error the message on lack of expendable material in a tank can appear. In this case, you need to check the volume of the liquid and make it top up if necessary. The cause of the problem may be a break in the wiring that feeds the sensor.



Failure of the anti-skid system controller mounted on the rear left wheel.



Code C1231 is related to a fault in the ABS system. When error 1231 occurs, the steering wheel control knob must be diagnosed. Sensor malfunction or wiring damage may occur.



Code C1246 is related to a fault in the pressure controller in the main cylinder of the engine. If the 1246 breaks, the integrity of the wiring must be checked, and if the circuit is not defective, the sensor must be replaced.



Error C1256 occurs in case of problems with the operation of the accumulator. The pressure in the device is too low, but the reason may be the wrong signal coming from the mechanism.



Code C1268 appears if the transmission position sensor fails.



Failure of the steering wheel angle regulator.



The combination C1336 occurs as a result of failure of the sensory element of the stability system.



Error C1406 occurs as a result of failure or failure of the ABS sensor. This is a device located on the left front wheel. It is recommended that you check the integrity of the connectors connected to the controller, as the error is often due to contaminated contacts.



Malfunction of the rear right sensor of the anti-slip system. The cause of the problem is a short circuit or open circuit.



Error code C1422 indicates the failure of the controller installed in the main cylinder of the engine.



Code C1433 indicates an internal malfunction of the steering angle controller. The error could become obvious after replacement of a cardan cardan or other repair manipulations. The reason may be a physical malfunction of the sensor element. The angle of rotation of the sensor could hang in a certain position.



Rear wheel angle controller failure. In the event of such a breakdown, the Check Engine indicator and the icon often light up on the dashboard

P / S. In case of error C1541 you need to check the device, and if it is intact, then perform diagnostics of wiring and connectors.



The transmitter ID was obtained during the operation of the microprocessor module. The causes of problems can be many, but they are related to the operation of sensors. The controller number and its name are not specified, so you need to check all the regulators for the correctness of which there are suspicions.