Nissan has released a jubilee special version of the Leaf hatchback


Nissan has released a jubilee special version of the Leaf hatchback

The Nissan Leaf electric car celebrated its tenth anniversary last December. In honor of this event, Nissan with a slight delay created a special version of Leaf10, which will be sold in Europe.


"Anniversary" Nissan Leaf has a two-tone body design - the main white color contrasts with the black roof, side mirror housings and trunk doors, and this is not a solid color, and a special pattern Kumiko. In addition, the novelties are promised original decorations of interior details. Such electric cars will go on sale in February 2021 in the most expensive configuration with the ProPilot system.


In ten years, Nissan has sold 500,000 "bodices" worldwide, 180,000 of them in Europe. The manufacturer estimates that a total of Leaf electric cars sold on the world market prevented the release of 2.5 million tons of CO2 into the environment. If so much carbon dioxide got into the atmosphere, it would take almost 100 million trees to remove it.


In Nissan Leaf of the current generation, the electric motor produces 150 hp. and 320 Nm, and the capacity of the traction battery is 40 kWh. In the test cycle, the WLTP hatchback travels 270 km on a single charge, from 0 to 100 km / h, accelerating in 7.9 s, and top speed is limited to 144 km / h. In addition, there is a modification of the Leaf e + with a 214 engine. hp and 340 Nm and a traction battery with a capacity of 62 kW.