Ignition system errors. Ford error codes


Ignition system errors. Ford error codes


Ignition leak in the car engine during start-up. The reason should be sought in the ignition distributor, coils and spark plugs. Damage to high voltage wires is possible.



Error P0351 reports problems with the ignition coil primary circuit. Device verification required.


P0352, P0353, P0354

Malfunction of the primary or secondary circuit of the ignition coil. With the appearance of codes P0352, P0353 and P0354 requires a detailed inspection of the cable in the area from the shock absorber to the device itself. Conductor insulation may be damaged.



The control unit recorded a reduced voltage in the power line of the primary circuit of the ignition coil. In case of failure of P2300 the reason should be looked for not only in devices, but also in their sockets, and also wires.



Ignition coil failure. You need to diagnose the device as well as the shock absorber. In practice, the code P2303 or 2303 usually appears when the coil connection wire is damaged.



Engine starter malfunction. There may be problems starting the engine. The integrity of the ignition distributor housing must be checked.



Opening the solenoid circuit locking the ignition lock. Requires detailed diagnostics of the switch, its contacts. The problem may be poor contact with the immobilizer control unit.



The starter mechanism is switched off, the engine scrolls too intensively.



Ignition lock error. The reason may be the natural wear of the contact group on the switch. To eliminate the problem, the larva of the castle will have to be replaced.



Ignition key circuit failure. It is necessary to check up work of the lock, and also the engine blocker.


B1359, 9359

ACC circuit failure detected when the ignition is switched on. Possible engine problems. To resolve this issue, check all wires from the control unit to the switchgear. The reason may be damage to the contacts on the lock.



Ignition distributor speed controller malfunction. If the code P0320 appears, the diagnostics of the shock absorber installed in the engine compartment is required. If there are obvious signs of damage on the housing of the device, the distribution unit must be replaced. Fault 0320 may be due to damage to the high-voltage wires and the wear of the spark plugs, as well as the formation of soot on the latter.



Literal translation of code 1260 - engine start, blocked due to theft attempt. The cause of the error P1260 may be due to a malfunction of the immobilizer, the device may not determine the key.



A common problem that indicates the impossibility of starting the power unit. The causes of the fault can be many, from the discharge of the battery and the clogged fuel filter and ending with the failure of the control unit.