How to diagnose a Volkswagen error


How to diagnose a Volkswagen error

There are two options for checking a Volkswagen car for errors - computer testing and self-diagnosis of ignition .


Testing using a laptop or smartphone is performed as follows:

  1. Connect the wire with the adapter to the OBD2 socket. The other end of the cable must be connected to the computer's USB port. If you are using a phone, you need to establish a Bluetooth wireless connection.
  2. Run the test program on the computer.
  3. We start testing. The utility should check all nodes and display Volkswagen error codes on the screen. Depending on the program, the user can specify individual systems for diagnostics.
  4. We decipher the received combinations of problems then we carry out car repair.


Self-diagnosis is performed as follows:

  1. In the car, turn off the heating unit, after which the ignition system must be deactivated.
  2. At the same time press the buttons of the economy mode of the fan and air recirculation. Hold these controls for three seconds.
  3. Activate the ignition, do not release the buttons. The vehicle control unit will activate the self-diagnostic mode, as a result of which the fan will automatically run at each power level. A fault combination should appear on the on-board display.
  4. To go to the next error code, use the button to increase the air temperature of the heater. If the combination 000 appears on the screen, it indicates that the list of problems has been completed.