Fuel system errors. Ford error codes


Fuel system errors. Ford error codes


Fuel supply control system malfunction. Error 0001 may be related to sensor failure or power line break. Contact closure or oxidation is possible.



Low voltage or short circuit of the fuel supply control circuit. You need to check the integrity of the wiring of the device.



Fuel system malfunction. Pump device diagnostics required.


P0087, P0089

The code indicates a reduced pressure in the fuel rail. With the advent of P0089 or P0087 requires diagnosis of the pressure controller located inside the line.



Increased pressure in the fuel rail. The steps to diagnose and detect the problem are similar.



Error P0149 is deciphered as the wrong injection angle in the high pressure fuel pump. The problem may be that the device is clogged. The unit will have to be cleaned or changed. When code 0149 appears, it is recommended to check the compliance of the timing (gas distribution) labels.



Signal from EVAP system. Error code P0457 indicates a leak from the fuel tank. You need to check the integrity of the tank.



Code 0611 means low performance of the fuel injector control module. A detailed unit check is required. Make sure the device is in contact with the network.



In Fords of 2004 and other years of release the code P0628 means short circuit on weight in the primary electric circuit of the fuel pump. It is necessary to check the integrity of the wiring, most likely, the insulation on the cable was worn.


P1233, P1235

The error indicates that the fuel pump driver module has been switched off or failed. The code may be associated with disconnecting the contact from the device. It is recommended to restore the integrity of the wire.



The microprocessor device reports a malfunction of the secondary electrical circuit of the fuel pump. When reading code 1237, you need to check the integrity of the cable, as well as the quality of the device's connection to the network.


P1293, P1294

According to the official description, such a system code on the Ford Explorer, Maverick or Mondeo III translates as the opening of the second group on the high pressure side. The first thing to do on a Ford car with a Hydronic box or any other - check the elements of the ignition system. The reason may be a malfunction of the high pressure fuel pump.



Problems of operation of the drive unit of the damper of the intake system. The item may jam.



Attenuated signal coming from the drive device of the intake system damper. A possible cause may be a wire short circuit.



Low pulse signal coming from the damper position sensor. The problem should be sought in the integrity of the wiring and contact elements.



Problems with the first nozzle. Detailed diagnostics of the device and its cleaning are required.



Code P1450 reports an excess of vacuum in the fuel tank. Probably, the reason consists in the sensor of fixing of this phenomenon. To solve the problem, you just need to open the lid of the gas tank and let the air out. If the problem persists, check the vacuum sensor and its wiring.



Fuel tank ventilation valve circuit open.



Code 1549 reports a fault in the intake manifold valves. We recommend diagnosing the fuel pump pressure. If its operating parameter is too low, the device is replaced. When the code P1549 appears, check the IMRC valves.


P1563, P1564

Fuel dosing pump control module malfunction. The cause of the P1564 and 1563 problems may be a malfunction of the pump itself. To eliminate this, diagnose the unit and replace the fuel filter if necessary. If this does not help, you need to test the pump itself.


P2110, P2111, P2112

The codes indicate a malfunction of the throttle actuator. A detailed node check is required. If the damper jams, lubricate its moving parts to solve the problem. The damper may be stuck in the open or closed positions.



Throttle signal matching error. The cause of the P2119 problem may be a malfunction of the node sensors, but usually it is the sticking of the mechanism itself.



Fuel additive supply control module error.



The presence of water in the fuel tank. With the advent of code P2265, the problem may be related to the breakdown of the moisture fixation sensor. You need to check the operation of the device. If the controller is intact, then to eliminate error 2265 you need to spend all the fuel and get rid of moisture in the gas tank.



Reduced pressure in the fuel line. The cause of error P2291 may be clogged fuel filter device, air suction and lack of tightness in the pipes. Also, the problem may be due to insufficient performance of the fuel pump, you need to check this unit.



Throttle adaptation error. Problems with the engine may occur with the P2176 error. Code 2176 is usually associated with clogging of the mechanism or failure of its actuator. To solve the problem, you will need to replace the unit or clean it.



Code P016A is literally deciphered as the increased time for the introduction of control of the ratio of air and fuel in a closed circuit. In fact, the appearance of this combination is usually associated with the regular use of low-quality fuel.



Defective nozzles. The cause of the P121C problem is usually their wear or the presence of water in the tank and fuel filter.



The engine control unit could not study the parameters of the fuel injector control. In case of P167B, the device may break or become dirty, detailed diagnostics are required.



Conditions for exhaust gas recovery have not been met. First you need to check the fuel filter, the device must be cleaned.



No signal from the fuel pump control module. You need to check the integrity of the wires and the quality of contact with the network.


P0180, P0181, P0182, P0183, P0184, P0185, P0186, P0187, P0188

Problems with the fuel or fuel temperature controller. You need to test the functionality of the sensor and the integrity of the circuit. The problem may be the oxidation of the contacts on the pad.


P0190, P0191, P0192, P0193, P0194

Fuel pressure sensor malfunction. Water may have been found in the fuel. With the advent of codes P0190, P0193 you need to test the operation of the controller. It is also recommended to drain or spend all fuel and refuel at another gas station.



Code P0460 indicates a fault in the electric circuit of the fuel level controller. If the user has changed the sensor, and the program during diagnostics all the same writes that the problem remained, the reason should be looked for in an electric circuit.



Lack of power to change the pressure of the controller installed in the fuel tank. With the advent of the P1250 combination, the operation of the sensor should be checked and replaced if necessary.



Lack of connection of the microprocessor module with the control unit of the fuel pump. P1665 errors require detailed diagnostics of the electrical circuit.



Code P2539 reports a fault in the fuel pressure controller circuit. The sensor needs to be checked and replaced.


B1202, 9202

Break in the fuel supply circuit. It is necessary to check all highways and pipes of the fuel supply system to find a leaky area.


P228C, P228D

Error of the first fuel pressure sensor. The problem may be the failure of the controller itself or disconnecting the contact from it.



Ash was found in the diesel dust-absorbing filter. The device needs to be replaced or cleaned.



The parameters of the fuel supply sensor are outside the range of operating characteristics. Possible cause may be disconnection of the device or damage to the contact, so it is recommended to check the wiring.



Fuel pressure controller defective. An incorrect signal is coming from the device, so check the wiring.



Fuel leak from the gas tank.



Break of an electric chain of a spark plug of heating of additional clearing of fuel. Wiring and pump diagnostics are required.