Recovering X-Prog 5.55


Recovering X-Prog 5.55

Probably everyone got into a situation when his favorite tool failed, due to carelessness or other factors,
but in order not to have one result, it must be repaired. You can buy, but in this article we will analyze the recovery option.
One such tool is the XProg programmer, bought for blood on AliExpress. One day
the software offered to update, and since we do not always turn off the Internet when connecting the X-Prog, we received the result, an update with all the consequences of a non-original device.

The update took place both on the computer and affected the firmware in the programmer, which led to the loss of the license and the ability to perform its functions.

When we tried to read the dump from the chips, we got "communication ERROR".

It is necessary to understand that with the original equipment such problem, after updating, will not occur.

But not all of us can afford the original. Therefore, we proceed from the situation)

To the point. To restore the functionality we need another programmer that has on board the SPI interface and hands.

Disassemble the xprog programmer.

In the upper left corner we see contact pads for in-circuit programming.

Personally, I 'flashed' Orange5, there are many firmware options and programmers for Atmega64A.

The first step we try to consider Flach and EEPROM, save for the opportunity to return to the native firmware.

And then on the roll open Flash, flash, check if everything is OK go on, if not then repeat the process.
EEPROM is similar, we put Fuse as on the bottom attached screen.

Lock bits are recorded at the last moment when Flach and EEPROM are successfully stitched and verified.

We unsolder the wiring and get XProg 5.55 which works stably without a dongle and dancing with a tambourine, the main thing is not to update.

Let Backup come with you.