Electrical malfunctions. LADA code errors


Electrical malfunctions. LADA code errors


Code P0351 (0351) appears as a result of a break in the control circuit of the ignition coil of the first cylinder.

With the advent of this combination, the following problems are possible:

  • the complexity of starting the engine;
  • increased fuel consumption;
  • tripling of the power unit during idling and "cold";
  • involuntary engine stop.



Ignition coil control wiring installed on the second cylinder is broken or damaged.



The combination P0480 indicates a broken circuit in the engine cooling fan relay.



Error P0560 (0560) occurs due to voltage spikes in the car's mains.



The combination P0562 (0562) indicates a low voltage in the car's mains.



Increased voltage in the car's onboard network. It is possible that the car battery is very low and the generator unit is running in enhanced mode to compensate for the discharge. The diagnostics of the battery, and also the generator is required. In the latter, the relay regulator may be faulty.



Error 0601 is caused by a fault in the permanent memory module of the engine control unit.



Code P0603 indicates a fault in the RAM module in the engine control unit. You need to check the connectors on the main block of the module, as well as diagnose the integrity of the contacts. Flashing the microprocessor will eliminate the cause if the problem is non-mechanical.



Driver diagnostics showed an open circuit in the relay of the starter mechanism.



Code 0628 is related to a short circuit in the fuel pump relay circuit during driver diagnostics. A detailed wiring check is required, as well as the sockets in the fuse mounting block. If the fuel pump relay is faulty, it will not be possible to start the engine.



Code P0650 indicates a malfunction of the lamp display circuit.



Code 1336 literally stands for "controller type does not match regular". Most likely, the reason is poor contact of the main relay, it is necessary to bend its legs.



Code 1425 - short circuit to earth of the electric circuit of the adsorber purge control valve.



This error is due to damage to the control circuit of the fuel pump relay control.



Immobilizer control circuit damage. You need to check the cable that powers the device, the possible cause may be in the antenna.



No connection with the immobilizer. The problem may not manifest itself in terms of symptoms.



Malfunction of the internal memory module of the microprocessor.



Error resetting electronic control unit memory.

Possible signs of problems:

  • the car engine does not start or stalls for no reason;
  • increased fuel consumption;
  • electronic devices and mechanisms do not work properly;
  • the power of the power unit disappeared, etc.

Detailed diagnostics of the microprocessor module and its reflashing if necessary are required.



Combination 1620 indicates a malfunction of the internal memory module of the control unit.



The combination P1621 (1621) indicates a malfunction of the RAM module. You need to check the microprocessor module for errors.



Code 6060 indicates a malfunction of the processor device. If the problem is software, then the problem should be "treated" only by reflashing the module.

In the absence of appropriate equipment and skills, the following steps can be taken to address:

  1. Disconnect the connector from the engine control unit.
  2. Perform visual diagnostics of the pad. All contacts at the outlet of the device are cleaned, dirt is removed, if any.
  3. Check the wires connected to the microprocessor module. Damaged electrical circuits must be replaced.
  4. Disassemble the housing of the device by carefully unscrewing the bolts and removing the component.
  5. Check the status of the board. If there are traces of moisture on it, dry it in a dry and warm place. Do not use a household hair dryer, stove or open flame for this purpose.



Code B2AAA - general malfunction of the body control module. The causes of the problem can be many, most likely, on one of the connectors went wire.



Problems with the engine control unit. The reason may be that moisture gets on the wiring that feeds the module.