Фари - Позиціі Golf MKVII


Фари - Позиціі Golf MKVII

Lights - Position
Leuchte 0 BLK VL B36 Indicator left front
Leuchte1BLK VRB20 Indicator right front
Leuchte2SL VLB10 Sidelights left front
Leuchte3SL VRB21 Sidelights right front
Leuchte4TFL LB4 DRL left front
Leuchte5 TFL RB32 DRL right front
Leuchte6ABL LC5 Low beam left
Leuchte7ABL RB1 Low beam right
Leuchte8FL LB39 Main beam left
Leuchte9FL RB2 Main beam right
Leuchte10SHUTTER LB23 Xenon shutter left
Leuchte11SHUTTER RB22 Xenon shutter right
Leuchte12NL LB45 DRL U-shape left
Leuchte13NL RB5 DRL U-shape right
Leuchten14AL LB6 Not used
Leuchte15AL RB44 Not used
Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9 Indicator inner left rear
Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3 Indicator inner right rear
Leuchte18BLK HLA60 Indicator outer left rear
Leuchte19BLK HRC31 Indicator outer right rear
Leuchte20BR LA71 Park- / brake left outer rear
Leuchte21BR RC8 Park-/ brake right outer rear
Leuchte22BR MA57 Third brake light, center rear
Leuchte23SL HLC10 Light inner left rear
Leuchte24SL HRA65 Light inner right rear
Leuchte25KZL HA59 Number plate light rear
Leuchte26NSL LA72 Foglights rear
Leuchte27NSL RC6 Light inner rear (both sides)
Leuchte28RFL LC11 Reversing light left rear
Leuchte29RFL RA64 Reversing light right rear
Leuchte30FR LC72 Footwell lighting
Leuchte31AMBL 1C61
Leuchte32AMBL 2C35
Leuchte33AMBL 3C36
Leuchte34AMBL 4C37

Rear unit overview
The rear lights, as marked up by Xagico

And the front headlight unit (left and right speaks for itself)

Known modifications:


Bright DRL "U shape" during nighttime:

09-Central Electronics > Adaptation-10
Security Code: 31347

( 10 )-Leuchte 12NL LB45 Dimmwert CD 12
Value: 127
Default: 10
( 10 )-Leuchte 13NL RB5 Dimmwert CD 13
Value: 127
Default: 10

Alternating sidelights front with blinker:

09-Central Electronics> Adaptation-10
Security Code: 31347

Leuchte2SL VLB10-Lichtfunktion G 2
Value: Blinken links Hell Phase
Default: not active

Leuchte2SL VLB10-Dimmwert GH 2
Value: 0
Default: 0

Leuchte2SL VLB10-Dimmin Direction GH2
Value: Minimize
Default: Maximize

Leuchte3SL VRB21-Lichtfunktion G 3
Value: Blinken rechts hell phase
Default: not active

Leuchte3SL VRB21-Dimmwert GH 3
Value: 0
Default: 0

Leuchte3SL VRB21-Dimming Direction GH3
Value: Minimize
Default: Maximize

This code gets parking lights to turn off when LED turn signal turns on, and vice versa